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Ballbusting Stories: Nov 28, 2020

Alysa McCall - Using STEM to Study Polar Bears - Live Chat - 동영상 Chase’s hazel eyes flashed open wide as the Texan’s expert throat easily swallowed the entire dick. It had been a near thing, but Luke was indeed an expert cock sucker, and he knew just how to bring a man to the very brink and hold him there. He could feel the connective tissues and muscle fibers being crushed and bruised in his hands, and he knew that if he wanted to, he could easily burst the kid’s big bicep. Waves of erotic pleasure washed over him, and he could feel his flagging cock quickly regaining its lost size and solidity. Of course, judging by the way I found him, he obviously thought he’d LIKE being abused. Chase’s incredibly handsome head writhed from side to side as the seven men mercilessly destroyed him, but he loved every moment of it. “Form a line,” Carl instructed, and the six other men lined up for their turn to crush the waiter’s behemoth balls. ” Chase screamed, genuine fear in his voice as the first of the six men clutched his overlarge balls.

” Carl barked to his companions, and the other six men immediately and obediently stopped and stepped back. ” Chase yelled into his gag as his bloated left nut was crushed again and again and again. ” Chase pleaded, tears streaming from his eyes and running down his perfectly sculpted cheeks. ” Carl called to his hulking friends, a cruel smile playing across his ruggedly handsome face. ” Carl hefted and waggled his still somewhat spongy cock at the back of Luke’s head, and Chase was astounded to see that it had to be at least 15 or 16 inches long now! Once Chase had backed away from the precipice, Lior reached forward and cupped both of Chase’s enormous. It felt like Carl and Lior were literally trying to rip his biceps right off the bone! I was terrified over these thoughts because of course Im nothing like those things, I mean Im the one who’s used to being sought after, Id never be that kind of person! Like Carl, Lior had such massive hands that just one huge paw was large enough to cup BOTH of Chase’s mighty nuts, and he did so now, gently rolling and best live cam porn bouncing the massive man eggs in his hand.

Littiani, hands on hips, relishing the moment, teased the big man mercilessly. Only man I’ve ever met who could swallow my fuckin’ huge piece right on down to the balls! He really wanted Zoltan, who was still holding him steadfastly and effortlessly from behind, to plunge his thick 12-inch cock into him as he was assaulted on every front. And it STILL wasn’t completely hard yet! Mike was not sure still and regretfully accepted the first offer. Location-sharing increases the potential for a real-life text; less dangerous but still troubling is the heavy emphasis on looks as a basis for judgment. Chase cried out as Lior released his scrotum and his heavy balls fell to the bottom of their sack. Chase had shaved his huge testicles just that morning, and the silky smooth orbs rolled easily in the giant’s outstretched hand. Carl reached for the lad’s massive left bicep, grabbing the softball-sized muscle in his huge hand and beginning to squeeze. But he much preferred toying with the handsome young waiter, and so stopped shy of actually destroying the lad’s muscle. We have every niche of girls covered from black, latina, asian, ethnic, bbw, and much more!

He was sobbing he was in so much pain. Despite the fact Chase had never before been so powerfully turned on, the mounting pain was starting to soften his massive erection. The pain radiating from his crotch was overwhelming, greater than any agony Chase had thought possible, and the brutal muscle beasts showed no signs of letting up. The thought of this ultimate form of domination made Chase squirt precum with such force it almost looked like he was cumming. Here he was, this big powerful stud jock with bulging muscles, a massive set of cock and balls, and the face of an Adonis, google free sex video being used and abused and put in his place like the little bitch that he was. You may see some thing similar next time,” said Lila and got up a little and landed on John’s underbelly with her round big fat ass. Woman on woman sexual experiences tend to be a little different – ok, a lot different from those with men.

After the first round of ball squeezing, the men lined right back up for a second crack at Chase’s balls. Sara drew her leg back and delivered a well-aimed, devastating kick into her boyfriend’s gonads from behind. The huge orbs had immediately plumped back up to their original size and shape, but they were bright red and already starting to swell from the man’s vise-like grip. It was obvious some bruising and damage to his defenseless testicles had already occurred in just the few seconds they had been in Lior’s frighteningly powerful grip. But Lior’s handsome, beard-stubbled face flushed red with effort as he poured even more of his colossal strength into the young man’s screaming nuts. Chase was crying and screaming and bellowing into his gag from the agonizing pain, he was more turned on than he’d ever been before in his life. The men watched and cruelly chuckled as Chase desperately tried to cum, his beautiful blue-green eyes begging each of them in turn.

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