Rolling Fireplace-Rated Gates & Doors

We provide a wide selection of rolling steel doors to fulfill the most demanding hearth security requirements, unusual opening sizes and discerning aesthetic requirements. Designed to close routinely within the event of a fireplace or alarmed event, our fire-rated doors can be found for service door and counter purposes in commercial, industrial, institutional and retail projects.

Fashionable steel framed buildings are typically constructed with the structural body on the skin of the facade. Since, within the event of a fire, an exterior structural frame might be heated solely by flames emanating from home windows or Светопрозрачные противопожарные конструкции different openings within the building facade, the fireplace that the external steelwork experiences may be less extreme than that to which the steel inside the constructing is uncovered.

This can be a type of building which has been launched by the publication of BS EN 1994-1-2[6], which describes the system and likewise consists of tabulated design guidance. It consists of steel beams and columns in which fire resistance is achieved by the addition of bolstered concrete between the member flanges. Hearth resistance durations up to a hundred and twenty minutes is achievable on columns using this approach and 180 minutes on beams. Steerage can also be given on full concrete encasement and as much as 240 minutes hearth resistance will be achieved.

Hearth sprinkler and other extinguishing techniques are intended to extinguish or management the hearth. Smoke control techniques are typically designed to restrict the spread of smoke, which keeps egress routes passable for a given time period. The fire alarm, through each activation of the fire sprinkler system and handbook or computerized detection units, provides warning to the occupants of the building in addition to notification to emergency personnel responding to the alarm.

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