It Lives! The Publish-rinse Cycle IPod

What occurs when an iPod Nano meets a washing machine? Nothing good. Late last month, a writer over on the Seattlest left her iPod in her bike shorts. Which her husband kindly washed for her. Oops. Since bike clothes aren’t thrown within the drier, the Nano was no less than spared a tumble-dry on high heat, a small mercy. The battery, nonetheless, was drained. After connecting the Nano to a USB power supply, she was in a position to recharge the battery and (yay!) discovered all her music and playlists nonetheless onboard.

My problem is that I am not sure who a product like that is for: Knowledgeable cooks probably won’t wish to be handheld, and it’s most likely too much work for novices. Particularly since having just one, very expensive device to take action many things would in all probability be limiting for individuals who need to do extra. That’s maybe the difficulty: It will be very good at making soups and sauces and the odd chili, however it cannot exchange your kitchen. Is that definitely worth the potentially excessive price? Depends if you’re prepared to make several simple payments of $99.99.

The Echo Present 15 is powered by Amazon’s AZ2 Neural Edge processor, which powers plenty of the device’s on-board Installateur machine à laver studying and laptop imaginative and prescient capabilities. It permits the aforementioned visual ID characteristic, and it additionally lets you teach Alexa your private preferences. For instance, you possibly can tell Alexa you’re a vegetarian, and the subsequent time you ask Alexa for recipes, it’ll remember that and solely present you vegetarian recipes.

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